Jonah is a standup comedian, visual artist, and former mayoral candidate for New Orleans, who just turned twenty-eight years old. He was born with muscular dystrophy and at nineteen learned he had a life-threatening heart complication called cardiomyopathy. However, Jonah sees himself as neither a victim nor an inspirational force; he is simply an artist with a unique perspective that he tries to communicate with his audience. Though constrained by low energy, he often juggles multiple creative projects at once, from making pop-up books, to coming up with new material for his next comedy show, to writing a  screenplay.

This documentary explores communication and relating to others through art, comedy, and action. It is not an inspirational film about overcoming adversity, but rather is a film about art and expression, and the task of making seemingly unrelatable experiences relatable. The film will use a combination of observational footage of Jonah and his family, his performances, his sketch comedy videos, and a collaborative animation by Jonah and the director to give a well-rounded glimpse into Jonah’s world. Through this, the film gives viewers an opportunity to examine their perceptions of disability, mortality, and the drive to live an artful life.